Loonbeaming with Finlay J Hall

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I livestreamed a talk show from the safety of my own living room. Viewers were invited to partake as guests, and after joining the stream I interviewed them, for a short while before moving on to the next guest.

Episode 1 – Amos Newton + Maria Tolia, Cameron Hunter, Hooligan Sadikson, Fergus Tibbs + Freya Coursey, Jamie Donald + Laura McSorley, Fi Wilson and Tanith Marron.
We spoke about nursery school, moustaches, Sainsbury’s, Generator Projects’ (now cancelled) Two Rooms of One’s Own, getting wine drunk, The London Eye, chicken-flavoured chicken curry, and Wooosh Gallery.

Episode 2 – ben bongo, Matthew Gow, Natalie and Yvette Bruce, Fergus Tibbs+ Freya Coursey, Chris Connarty.
We spoke about childhood jobs, Sainsburys, Cube + Cube 2, Coronavirus as a hyperobject, dogs, symptoms, hot toddies, jokes, the internet, content, and Chris joined a book club