Five-Oh-Four-Oh, named for the room it was situated in, was a mixed media exhibition that combined social sculpture, music, performance, an active studio, documentation, video, functional furniture design, and live radio broadcasting. The space morphed throughout the week, being rearranged, littered, sometimes populated and sometimes unpopulated, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet – each state as important as any other.

It was ambitious. It was social, it was stressful, it was noisy, it was silly. It made me ill. It made me laugh + cry. It was great fun.

Events held within Five-Oh-Four-Oh:

Very Important Person
Performance with Selected Strangers

DJ Sets from Reckless Kettle, Hildisvini, Callum Mackie, Finlay J Hall

Cheese + Wine FM
Live Radio Broadcast

Guessing People’s Names
Performance with Joseph Donald

Cheese + Wine

Flying Cheese Contest
Participatory Performance with Cheese + Wine Attendees

Practice 3-6, Gig at 6
Musical Performance with Machine Speak

Previously Unperformed Songs
Solo Musical Performance

Five Minute Artist Talk
Performance followed by Q+A

Workshop hosted by Mhairi Brown + Archie McIver